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Photos from the XIVAMC2007

  • Why is the event structured the way it is?
    • The event is the official bi-ennial (once every two years) Convention for Re-enactors across Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, so it is important that the structure of the event maximizes the opportunity for all participants to be able to showcase what they do and to share in a wide variety of experiences with others whose focus may be different to their own.
    • The Con' is an opportunity for all re-enactors to gather and share knowledge, promote their interests and network with other groups.
    • As with any Industry or Recreational Convention, it is the participants' event, not the host groups'. The host group co-ordinates and administrates the event, but it is the participants who are the owners of the event and who make the event a success. Third parties are employed for some forms of entertainment, but the knowledge and skills that are shared and gained, and the atmosphere and ambiance that is prevalent at the event come almost exclusively from the participants themselves.
    • We have taken on board much of the feedback and comments we have heard about past Con's as well as our own experience (from as far back as Castle Mountain in 1987). We invite feedback on what we have offered so far and we are seeking continuous feedback and suggestions over the next two years. We endeavor to offer the best value Con' ever, with the greatest choice of activities possible.
  • Why are there multiple streams in the timetable?
    • The Con' is not a single period, single focus event. It is a National Convention and aims to cater for the interests of all re-enactors.
    • At a national Convention, it is unlikely that everyone wants to be doing the same thing together all the time. This comes from the fact that each group and individual has a unique reason for participating in historical re-enactment. The multiple streams in the program give everyone the opportunity to pick a mix of activities that suits their own unique interests.
    • Naturally, activities in different streams may conflict in timings so you can't attend everything. By providing feedback about what activities you are particularly interested in attending, we can try to make the program as suitable as possible for the majority of participants.
  • Why is there such a difference between the discounted Early Bird Rates and the price at the gate?
    • To keep the price of the Con' as low as possible, we need to minimize the financial risk of the event. To reduce uncertainty in numbers we offer substantial discounts for early payment. Hopefully, participants will see it as an incentive to pay and register early rather than view it as a penalty for late payment.
    • Furthermore, the sooner we are certain of who and how many are coming the sooner we can finalize the program, catering, hired infrastructure, designated encampments and entertainment to suit those who have committed themselves to attending.
    • You know it's on every two years. Be smart, get in early.


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