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Photos from the XIVAMC2007

  • What is the XVIARC2011?
    • The 16th Australian Medieval and Re-enactment Convention is (surprisingly) the 16th Bi-ennial (Once every two years) Gathering/Conference/Convention of Medieval and Re-enactment Groups in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.
    • During the 4 day event, participants seek to re-create the life and times of a number of specific periods of history from the Ancients (approx. 1 AD) to the Renaissance (approx. 1600 AD).
    • Activities include lectures and workshops on historical and cultural topics, Arts and Crafts, Games, Feasting, Competitions and Combat.
    • It is an opportunity for all re-enactment groups to showcase what they do and to share their knowledge and skills with one another and with newcomers to the movement.

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