Photos from the XIVAMC2007

  • PROGRAM -In response to the confirmation of a number of recent Actitivity Submissions by enthusiastic groups, we have now filled in the time slots in the program and it is available here.
    • Recent Additions to the program
      • Brewing Competition by Roy Castell
      • Period Carpentry and Wood Turning by Rowan Pooley
      • Combat Tournaments by Uppsala.
      • Viking Tug Of war by the Wandering Minstrels
    • As promised, those activities that have not attracted any interest or support from participants have been "Cancelled due to lack of interest". This means that they have not been allocated a time slot and no resources are being committed to them. Of course, this doesn't preclude participants from still enjoying these activities, so if you would like to run these activities you are still welcome to do so under your own steam. In most cases the infrastructure is already in place and in some cases prizes are already available so we encourage all participants who may be interested to enjoy them.

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