Photos from the XIVAMC2007

  • This page contains miscellaneous information that doesn't clearly fit on other pages.
  • Pets: Horses, Cows, Dogs, Goats, Pigs, Ferrets etc are welcome at the event. If you have any special needs for your pet, please let us know what we can do (within reason) to assist by clicking here.
  • Vehicles: The layout of the venue means that most groups will be able to park along the main access road, within 20-50m of their vehicles and they will still not be seen. So vehicles will not have to be removed from their loading and unloading points.
  • Tent Hire: We will be sourcing tents and marquees for hire from local providers. Details will appear here. Please advise us ASAP if you wish to hire a tent or marquee.
  • Period Encampments: We encourage as many groups as possible to work together to establish period encampments for the event. Please notify us with details of the numbers of people, numbers of tents and space requirements for each encampment by clicking here. You may want a representative from your encampment to visit the site early to reserve space. If you have an idea for a period encampment, and would like others to join your encampment, please notify us and we will post the details of your encampment on a "Period Encampment Page".
  • More as it comes in.

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