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  • Thankyou to all who have submitted questions and comments so far. Please keep them coming, they are the best way to gauge what are the most important issues to you.
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Q. Will all/some/none of the meals be catered?
A. Yes all meals will be catered. Please refer to the Menu page. If you desire and wish to cook for yourselves as well then you are most welcome and free to do so. We have no problems if people want to cook far more exotic dishes using strictly authentic methods. We encourage it and would hope there would be a workshop in all that somewhere. But we will ensure that there is 3 substantial main meals served each day to take the burden off participants.

Q. Will there be a Tavern at the site? If so, what facilities will it have?
A. Yes we will have a tavern at the event and, as previously stated, it will be a purpose built one for this and future events. Danelaw have felled a few smaller trees to make the tavern area larger to facilitate this. We plan to have more seating and benches this time around , as well as improved lighting etc. It is our hope that it becomes more of a get together area particularly at night. As hosts, it is our duty to ensure there is a tavern and we will certainly run it if necessary. We will, however, be looking to outsource it if possible.

Q: Any plan to make the tavern more of an entertainment venue than last time?
A: In regards to the tavern we do have plans to construct one much larger than the Tented one we had for last Con. Seeing the Beorgwic tavern work so well, we did take to opportunity last weekend to identify a number of areas we can improve onsite and one that came up was a plan for the tavern area.
Given some of the key infrastructure construction we needed for 2007 is now past us, we are looking forward to investing more time into the main village area.
We are hoping to outsource the running of the tavern if possible, although we are happy to construct it. The general idea was a much more comfortable covered space in which people could relax in. I also think music and some organised games would also add to the fun and ambience also.

Q. Will period & period camping be separated. If so, how?
A. Yes there will be separate period and non period camping. The time line at the top of the village will again signal the main areas for both period and non period camping. It is worth noting that, in 2007, the 2 largest period encampments, being The Pike and Musket and the Ancients encampments, were actually situated in non period locations close to the road. The Ancients site, itself, was unique in that, due to its size, it began in a non period area one end and came out in a period area at the other! Both were cleared and chosen primarily for their ease of access to vehicles. And both were very smart choices as the natural screening of those 2 areas (along with the rest of the site) allows you to do this with a very minimal visual impact. It is this natural screening between most areas which can limit the impact of non period encampments. On clearing vegetation: We hope that by thinning out more of the foliage in that area more period tents can be viewed from the greenway.

Q: On authenticity: Are you encouraging people to have costumes from more than one era, or are you suggesting simply that they have 4 sets of acceptable level clothing from 1 or more periods?
A: We are happy if people do have outfits from different eras to reflect the different themed periods for each day. However we are realistic and practical, and certainly will have no problem if your costume over the 4 days represents only a single period. A number of groups only re-enact a single period and they do this in admirable detail. We wouldn't discourage anyone with gear from only a single period, whether they are new to re-enacting or a seasoned veteran, from enjoying the whole of the event.

Q: Can the time line be raised up to the 18th century? I would like to be able bring up my 18th C Living History Group and encourage other rendezvous clubs into coming to conference.
A: No problems. It was simply an oversight arising from some of the text we reused from our 2007 website. We have updated it read “Ancient to Rendezvous” to welcome and include any 18th Century groups that are wishing to participate.

Q. How far to banks/supermarkets/bottle shops/ Maccas?
A. The nearest shop is a Pub and General store in the Town of Nerriga (19kms to the North). The next nearest (and more highly recommended) shops are at the town of Braidwood (34kms South). Braidwood has Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Camping Supplies Stores, Pubs, Bakeries, Post office, Public Phones, Serviceman's Club etc. Please refer to the following links for more information about Braidwood:

Q. Can you keep cars out of sight but still in reach?
A. The layout of the site and the density of the pine forest means that cars can be within 10-50m of camping areas and still be out of sight and out of the way of all of the event activities. Please refer to the Where Page.

Q. Can I arrive a week early and leave a week later?
A. No. The site is kept locked when not used. Early arrivals will be made welcome on the Thursday (the day before the event). Arrangements can be made to deliver your gear/setup your encampment prior to the event and to remove your gear afterward but not to extend your 4 day visit to 2 weeks. If you are a long distance traveler and need to arrive early and or leave late, please consider making use of some of the quality accommodation in the nearby area. We will be pleased to assist you in securing accommodation

Q. Will hard accommodation be available on Site?
A. No. If you absolutely need to stay in hard accommodation, we recommend staying at any one of the quality hotels and B&Bs at and around the town of Braidwood.

Q. Do you allow pets? Horses? Are there fenced off paddocks/can we bring portable electric fences?
A. Yes. Please refer to the Miscellaneous page. There are no fenced off paddocks. You are welcome to setup portable electric fences but we cannot supply power so bring a small generator for your fence. If sufficient numbers of livestock are attending we will designate a specific area for livestock close to roads and where fences can be erected.

Q. Public transport options to the site/airport connections?
A. There is no regular Public Transport available to the site. Public Transport is available to the towns of Braidwood and Nerriga. If sufficient numbers advise us in advance of their requirements. We may be able to organize a coach service from Canberra Airport - Site or Braidwood - Site. Otherwise you can use the following links to organize your own transport:

Q. Who benefits if you make a profit? Danelaw? the (Convention) committee? site improvements? the next conference?
A. The entire Australian Living History Movement will benefit if we make a profit. 100% of all profit made will go back into site improvements that, in turn, will benefit all groups who come and use the site for their own events. "The Danelaw" was not purchased for the exclusive use of Danelaw Inc. It is available for all groups to come and host their own events. Now ask us "Who will take it up the bum if you make a loss?"

Q. Workshops?
A. Submissions for workshops have been called for and the Program has now been finalised. Please refer to the Program Page here .

Q. How will you communicate with punters? Email/web updates/paper mail outs?
A. The main form of communication will be by Web and e-mail. It's fast, cheap and reliable. If our bid is successful then we will commence paper mail outs for groups without Web/e-mail access as the event draws closer.

Q. Where can Strawbales be pruchased from?
A. We aren't providing strawbales.

If travelling from Canberra;
They can be purchased from the local supplier (34km/30min away) in the town of Braidwood.
You'll probably drive through Braidwood on the way to the site from Melbourne.

Landmark Daniel Walker
121 Wallace Street
Braidwood NSW 2622
Tel: 02 4842 2405
Fax: 02 4842 2628
Cost = $9.90 per bale
Open: Thu 05 Apr 07 0800-1730 and Sat 07 Apr 07 0800-1230

If travelling from Sydney;
They can be purchased from the local supplier (100km/60min away) in the town of Marulan.
You'll probably just by-pass Marulan when you turn off the Sydney Canberra Freeway.

Straw Services Australia
Lot 6 Portland Rd MARULAN NSW 2579
02 4841 1914

Q. Do we need to bring our own Drinking water?
A. We do a have 22,000 L water tank on site to supply the kitchen and showers and we have been drinking the water from the creeks for the past 6 years with no ill effects. But for your own piece of mind we recommend that you bring all your drinking water with you.



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