Combat Rules

Photos from the XIVAMC2007

  • Mass Combat: The Combat Rules will be based on what have been used and revised at Previous Conventions.
    • We have had numerous inquiries concerning the Combat rules that will be employed at the XVIARC2011.
    • In response to feedback from previous events we will be employing "DANELAW MEDIEVAL FIGHTING SOCIETY INC - XVIARC2011 GUIDELINES FOR INTERCLUB COMBAT" which have been submitted to and accepted by the ALHF for all of Danelaw Hosted events.
    • There are minor differences in the areas of:
      1. "organised combat", "display combat" and "Non-organised combat".
      2. The use of Head combatants rather than Marshalls.
      3. Resolving Disputes in Combat
      4. Minimum Protection
      5. Maximum Spear lengths
    • To make it fair and equitable for as many participants as possible, variations to the rules can be agreed on the day, by the majority of combatants involved in any combat. NOT by spectators or by non-combatants. (If you're not in a fight you don't get to determine how it will be run).
  • Combat Archery: The rules for Combat Archery will be dictated by those groups who practice this discipline and by those who will be participating in this activity at the event.
  • Tourneys and Tournaments: In response to the interest, support and participation of numerous ALHF and non ALHF groups around Australia, Danelaw has established these rules for Tournament Combat as a guideline for groups interested in hosting interclub tournaments.
  • Display Combat: Rules for display combat will be at the discretion of the Group putting on the display. If you intend to put on display combat, please inform us of your Display Combat Rules prior to the event for insurance purposes.

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