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Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society (Danelaw) is one of Australia's longest running independent Re-enactment groups with a long and glorious history of battlefield domination due to superior tactics, high training standards and the best equipment.

Transitional Period:
1300 AD


Club History

Danelaw is a medieval re-enactment group whose founding members have ben re-enacting since 1985. The group was started by James (Jim) Adams (AKA King James) in a Scout hall in Greenacre, NSW in the mid 1980s. Under Jim's leadership the group flourished and was known for many years as the Medieval Martial Arts Association of Southern Sydney (MMAASS).

From 1985 to 1995 Jim introduced many young enthusiasts to Medieval Re-enacting, some of whom have gone on to establish their own independent groups. In 1995 Jim's original trainees took the step of independence and rallied under the name "Danelaw". Danelaw incorporated in 2002 to achieve a stable, sustainable structure and solidarity amongst its members. Since that time Danelaw have maintained a close association with Jim and and his associated groups as well as the greater Australian Medieval Movement.

As at April 2009, Jim is training approximately his 500th recruit to Reenactment and is still the number one recruiter of new talent into the Medieval Re--enactment movement.

Danelaw, in the meantime, are going from strength to strength.


Transitional Period:
Man at Arms
1300 AD

Approach to Re-enactment

Danelaw has a unique approach to re-enactment in Australia by not seeking limit the focus of our members nor those of other re-enactment groups. We do this by encouraging and supporting people's efforts rather than stifling and restricting them. Amongst Danelaw's members and friends you will see armour, weapons, costumes and other equipment from numerous periods of history.

Fall of Rome:
600 AD

Dark Ages:
Saxon and Norman
1000 AD

The Crusades:
Crusader and Saracen
1200 AD

High Medieval:
Knight and Squire
1400 AD

Beyond just "living-history" Danelaw recognizes that members are involved in re-enactment for many reasons each of which is as legitimate as any other. Danelaw welcomes and encourages them all:

  • interest in history and culture
  • good company and friendship as part of a social group
  • as an active sport and/or martial art
  • interest in crafts such as costuming, armoring, weapon smithing, leatherwork, wood and metalwork, cooking etc


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